What are the benefits of customizing a pet portrait?

What are the benefits of customizing a pet portrait?

Why should we get custom portraits of our pets?

Pets are an integral part of our lives, and have stuck with us through thick and thin. They are our best friends, family members, and close companions. They love us purely and unconditionally. What can we do to honor these wonderful furry friends? Commemorate them in a custom portrait!

Why should owners spend their hard earned money to have a custom portrait created of their pets? Here are some reasons why you should get a custom portrait from JoyousJoyfulJoyness:  

custom pet portraits cat dog cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade black labrador retriever

1. Custom portraits honor and memorialize your pets

Pets give us their love, companionship, and loyalty unreservedly. A custom portrait would honor and memorialize your friendship with them, and would show the world just how much your pets mean to you. It could also be an exquisite way of remembering a pet who has passed away. Further, it could be an amazing personal gift for a friend, family, or loved one.

We live in a digital world with phones full of ephemeral digital photos, easily taken but also easily disposed of as one of thousands of files living in our phones. Having a handmade, hand drawn portrait made by JoyousJoyfulJoyness will provide a gorgeous tangible, long lasting, and meaningful keepsake of your beloved pet. 

custom pet portraits cat dog cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade

2. Pets are family and should also be included in family portraits

Pets are members of our family, and each one is unique. Like parents who take photos of their children's milestones and to preserve memories of them growing up, pet "parents" take photos of their "furbabies." Your pets deserve a spot on the wall along side you and all of your other family members!

Unfortunately, the lives of our pet friends aren't as long as they should be, and custom portraits of these beloved pets can showcase those pets who have come before and are too soon gone.

JoyousJoyfulJoyness can take your best pictures of your pets and turn them into something even better than a photo: a dynamic drawing that brings out the best of your pet! 

custom pet portraits cat dog cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade

3. Custom portraits preserve your pets' personalities

JoyousJoyfulJoyness works with you to find the perfect photo that best represents your cat or dog. The photo reference doesn't need to be perfect. As long as there is a good pose, the artist can work with bad lighting, blurry photo, and other less ideal features in the photo. The artist will bring out the best and true core of your pet. 

JoyousJoyfulJoyness next takes that photo as a reference to hand draw a unique custom portrait that captures the essence of your pet through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of gestural lines. The portraits ride the line between realism and impressionism, looking exactly like your pet and also like a hand drawing with lyrical lines.

The artist then uses the toner foiling method to adhere foil to the drawing. Depending on what angle you view the foiled image, the colors go from dark to light and shift with each movement. The foil adds an additional dynamic quality to the picture, adding infinite shades of color. What was already a unique portrait of your pet becomes that much more unusual and one of a kind with the addition of foil.

custom pet portraits cat dog cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade

4. Pet portraits are conversation starters and liven up your home

Having a special statement piece showing your beloved pet on the wall is sure to spark conversation with visitors. You could talk to your guests about why you chose the photo, some great memories of your pet, and the process of working with JoyousJoyfulJoyness. Also, foiled pictures are constantly changing their color and shine with your viewing angle. You and your guests will be dazzled!

custom pet portraits cat dog cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade

5. Custom pet portraits make fantastic gifts for loved ones

A customized portrait of a friend or family's pet is a truly special gift for someone you care about. It will make their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or other special occasion that much more amazing! It is also a gift that is deeply personal and shows that you also deeply care about them. It's a perfect gift to preserve the memory of a pet that means so much to them.

custom pet portraits cat dog cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade persian

You should choose JoyousJoyfulJoyness as the artist to make your next custom pet portrait!

JoyousJoyfulJoyness is an artist that can capture the personality, likeness, and essence of your pet and render it in a gorgeous, detailed, and dynamic drawing. The artist then takes the drawing to another level by adding foil to the image, making it almost come alive with shifting colors and sparkle. You'll never tire of admiring the portrait of your beloved pet!

Please don't hesitate to reach out and begin the process of creating your own custom pet portrait!

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