San Francisco Giants Pride Base Art

In May 2024, the SF LGBT Center reached out and asked if I'd like to participate in the San Francisco Giants' Pride Base Art campaign. I eagerly agreed and submitted an art idea that would encompass the themes of San Francisco, the SF Giants, baseball, Pride, and the 20th anniversary of same-sex marriage in California.

I came up with my painting, "Love's Sweet Victory."

The piece celebrates love, resilience, and acceptance. The shimmering rainbow wedding cake symbolizes joy and unity, while the cake topper depicts two silhouetted baseball players with a heart bearing the San Francisco Giants' logo between them. These symbols honor the City's baseball heritage and commitment to inclusivity. The artwork invites reflection on the intersection of love and sports, echoing the courage of those who openly loved during the Winter of Love. It serves as a reminder that love, like baseball, is a game of passion and perseverance, where shared victories are truly sweet.

Amazingly, I was selected as one of three base art ideas! I received a baseball base to paint my idea on and quickly got to work.

I delivered the base to the SF LGBT Center to be passed to the SF Giants for display during the Pride game on June 15th, 2024.

Before the game, I had a quick interview with the local news channel KTVU Channel 2.

Then, at park before the game, I met the one of the two other artists on the field of Oracle Park, and took some photos and videos with the bases.

The artists got to stay for the Pride flag reveal ceremony too!

My family and friends then got to stay to watch the game. The art and the two artists got shown on the Jumbotron at the 4th inning!

Later in June, Joy was featured in her hometown newspaper!

What an amazing experience!