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Head over to the custom portraits listing to learn how you can get your own pet hand drawn and turned into a dynamic foiled print!

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People Portraits Preorder

Head over to the custom portraits listing to learn how to get a hand drawn portrait of your friends or family and have it turned into a dynamic foiled print!


Warhol-Style Custom Portraits

Get a splash of color on your wall with an Andy Warhol-inspired pop art custom portrait of your loved one!

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Have your pet's silhouette made into a dynamic portrait! There are also readymade cat and dog silhouettes with an option to add your pet's name!

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Ready-Made Prints

JoyousJoyfulJoyness has a selection of ready-made foiled prints for purchase of cats, dogs, and wild animals. Get one today!

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Chinese Zodiac Animals

Perfect gift for baby showers and red egg and ginger parties! What's your Chinese Zodiac animal?

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Vietnamese Zodiac Animals

JoyousJoyfulJoyness now has all the Vietnamese Zodiac Animals! Perfect gift for baby showers and to celebrate the lunar new year!

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Wild Animal Prints

Get your hands on some cute and gorgeous prints of wild animals!

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Food Art

Calling all foodies! Get some dynamic and delicious food art for your walls!

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Take a bit of your travels home with a print of your favorite landmark!

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Mystery Print

We have a limited number of extra foiled prints on hand that need loving homes! These were created mainly for promotional purposes and are just as high quality as the made-to-order foiled prints!

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Get a gorgeous dynamic print with your monogram!

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Get some beautiful Mandalas to shimmer and glow on your wall!

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Check out the growing collection of stickers!

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JoyousJoyfulJoyness has branched into clothing! Check back often for new products!

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Get a hilarious and unique gift for your crypto/dogecoin/meme/doge-loving family and friends!

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Support Reproductive Rights

Support reproductive rights! 50% of sales go to ACLU and the Abortion Fund equally.

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Donate to Ukraine

All net proceeds from sales of Ukraine art go to Nova Ukraine!

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Affiliate Program

Join for free to earn 10% commission on every successful referal! For instance, you'll get over $25 for each custom portrait sold!

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Chinese Zodiac Animals