Collection: Wisp Fundraiser

Adopt an adorable Wisp foiled print into your home and show your support for Rags to Riches Animal Rescue, Inc.! 

Our special foiled prints are hand drawn and hand foiled with foil that dynamically changes color depending on the light and viewing angles. It is guaranteed to bring a purr-fect pop of personality to your wall.

50% of foiled print sales are donated to the cause - so you can feel even more of that warm, fuzzy feeling. 

We also have Wisp Clothing, with all profits going to Rags to Riches Animal Rescue, Inc. 

Total amount raised: $9550

NOTE About Order Fulfillment: Due to amazingly high demand, fulfillment of the stickers and the foiled prints will be delayed. Clothing purchases will have anticipated fulfillment and shipment dates from the print on demand company.

wisptot band shirt

WISPTOT merch has MOVED! Click the image to go to the WispTot Collection!