How Long Does It Take To Complete A Pet Portrait?

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Pet Portrait?

 cute dog custom pet portrait drawing handmade art artwork artist

A custom pet portrait is a beautiful way to commemorate your furry friend and add some personality to your home décor. If you're thinking about ordering one for your home, you might be wondering just how long it can take for your custom pet portrait to be completed.

At JoyousJoyfulJoyness, our average order time takes up to eight weeks until I can reach your preorder and then an additional 2 to 3 weeks to complete your specific portrait. In this article, we'll break down what goes into creating a pet portrait.

cute cat custom pet portrait drawing handmade art artwork artist

The Pre-Order Process

Once you've decided that you would like to order a pet portrait from JoyousJoyfulJoyness, the first thing you'll need to do is preorder your portrait. What this does is reserve your spot in my queue and helps me keep track of who has ordered and whose portrait is up next. I only like to keep a small number of portraits in my queue at a time so that I can focus on each individual picture and give it the attention it deserves.

To preorder your portrait, simply head over to the custom pet portrait page and select the number of portraits you want to order. You can also add additional foiled copies in different colors for a discounted price. From there, you'll be able to checkout and pay for your pet portrait. Once you're added to the list, you'll need to wait until I have reached your order. As mentioned before, the current wait time is up to 8 weeks. This means that if you have an order that you want completed for a holiday or birthday, it's best to order as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

cute cat custom pet portrait drawing handmade art artwork artist

Digital Vs. Traditional

One of the first things you'll need to decide when ordering your pet portrait is whether you want a foiled or digital portrait. Foiled portraits are drawn digitally and are printed either on white or black cardstock and are 8.5" by 11" and unframed. You'll get to choose the foil color for your portrait after the drawing is done.

Digital portraits are drawn on a digital canvas and then emailed to you as a high-resolution jpeg. They are monochromatic line drawings in black on white background. These can be printed out by you at any size and frame them however you'd like! I recommend taking your digital portrait to a local print shop to get it printed, as they will have the best quality paper and printers to do the job.

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The Order Process

Once I have reached your order, I will send you an email to let you know that it's time to start working on your pet portrait! In this email, I'll ask for high quality photos of your pet that you would like me to use as reference material. When choosing the photos of your pet, be sure to pick those that are clear and in focus. I am able to work with blurry and less ideal photos if that is all that you have, but we want to try to work with the best possible photos. I only work off of one photo reference, and do not combine photos for the drawing.

If you don't have any good photos of your pet, it might be a good idea to take some time and take some before ordering your pet portrait. A professional photographer is not necessary, but taking the time to get a few good shots of your pet will be very helpful!

cute cat custom pet portrait drawing handmade art artwork artist

Approval And Completion Of The Order

Once I have received your photos and we select the best one for the reference, I will begin work on your portrait. This process usually takes me up to 2-3 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the portrait. Once I have finished your portrait, I will send you a digital watermarked copy of the drawing for approval. If you're not happy with the portrait, I am more than happy to make revisions until you are satisfied. 

If you're happy with the drawing, we will choose the foil color. I will foil the portrait and send you the foil reveal videos for approval, and then mail the foiled portrait to you once approved. If it’s a digital portrait, I’ll email an unwatermarked version to you. It's really that simple!

cute cat custom pet portrait drawing handmade art artwork artist

What Will I Get With My Portrait?

When your pet portrait is complete, you'll receive either a physical or digital copy of your portrait. If you ordered a foiled portrait, the print will be shipped to you via a rigid mailer inside a sealed plastic envelope with a cardboard backing to make the envelope very hard to bend. Your digital portrait will be emailed to you as a high-resolution jpeg file that you can print out at any size.

Along with your portrait, you'll also receive a few freebies, including a link to a timelapse video of the drawing and a link to the foil reveal video. Plus, you can also order additional copies of your pet portrait in different foil colors for a discounted price.

cute cat custom pet portrait drawing handmade art artwork artist

When Should You Order A Pet Portrait?

If you're thinking about ordering a pet portrait, the best time to do so is as soon as possible! This way, you can reserve your spot in my queue and ensure that your portrait will be completed in time for any upcoming holidays or special occasions. If you have a rush order, you can always contact me to see if I am able to accommodate it, and it would require an additional fee.

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Can You Do More Than One Pet At Once?

No, unfortunately, I am not able to do more than one pet per portrait. Given the small size of the foiled prints, they would shrink down too much to accommodate more than one pet.

cute cat custom pet portrait drawing handmade art artwork artist


Custom pet portraits are an excellent investment for any pet lover. Not only are they a beautiful way to show off your furry friend, but they're also a great conversation starter when you have guests over. Plus, they make a unique and creative gift for any occasion. 

If you're ready to get started, head over to JoyousJoyfulJoyness to order your custom pet portrait today. I'm a dedicated custom pet portrait artist who will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind portrait of your beloved pet. Visit my website to learn more about my services, or contact me directly to get started.

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