14 Best Gift Ideas for the Dog & Cat Lovers in Your Life

14 Best Gift Ideas for the Dog & Cat Lovers in Your Life

puppy sweatshirt accessory custom artwork

There’s nothing quite like the bond between people and their pets, and many of us like to show it in our clothes, accessories, and home decor. But what do you buy for the cat or dog lover in your life? Short of bringing them a kitten or puppy (which is very cute but never a good idea!), it can be difficult to pick gifts that show you care and appreciate who they are. 

Custom Pet Portraits

Here at JoyousJoyfulJoyness, we provide custom portrait services to make drawings of your pet, completely hand drawn. What better way to honor their four-legged friend(s) than by having their portrait hung up on the wall? Whether their pet is around today or crossed the rainbow bridge, a portrait is a lovely way to keep your loved one’s furry friends in your mind. These portraits even come with a link to a timelapse video of the drawing so your loved one can see their pet’s portrait drawing come to life in real-time. Find out here about the dynamic custom foiled portraits of pets that catch the eye from every angle, and find out more about how to choose the right pet picture for your portrait here

Custom Accessories

JoyousJoyfulJoyness provides an additional service of turning that drawing into all kinds of accessories, which could be the perfect gift for your loved one! We’ve rounded up the best custom accessory gift ideas for dog and cat lovers (7 for dog lovers, 7 for cat lovers). Let’s jump in. 

7 Top Custom Accessory Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. The Paw-fect Water Bottle

Husky water bottle custom artwork

If the person you’re buying for likes to walk, jog, hike, or adventure with their furry friend, a water bottle or thermal flask is a fantastic gift. You can get a custom water bottle and consider buying a collapsible bowl so they can easily offer their dog water and pack the bowl away.  

2. Custom Phone Case

golden retriever dog custom phone case

Whether you’re choosing for a partner, friend, or colleague, they’re sure to love a customized phone case with their favorite pup on it! We all have our phones with us 24/7 so it’s the ideal place to put a pet picture so your loved one can feel that warm swell of love each time they see the back of their phone. 

3. Custom Printed Dog T-Shirt 

girl tshirt husky custom art clothing

No one ever has enough t-shirts and you can gift them their new favorite with a custom printed dog t-shirt. We offer custom printed t-shirts with an image of your loved one’s pup or with an image of their favorite breed. We offer men’s, women’s, and children’s so we offer the perfect fit, no matter their age or preferred style.  

4. Doggy Face Masks

face mask custom art dog puppy

Face masks have become a part of our everyday wardrobe, but let’s be honest: most of our masks are boring! Gift your loved one a mask they’ll never be without by having their favorite dog printed on their face mask. 

5. Puppy Mug 

puppy dog mug custom artwork

Is there anything sweeter than waking up in the morning to a loyal dog wagging its tail, ready to play? Capture this warm and fuzzy feeling by getting your loved one’s dog printed onto a mug! This gift will be entirely unique to your loved one and their pet. 

6. Puppy Print Headband 

headband dog custom artwork husky

They say dogs look like their owners and while this isn’t always the case, many dog lovers and owners do have a lot of hair! Gift your loved one a printed headband for a practical gift that’s covered in pictures of their favorite dog. It’s ideal for daily wear, dog walks, and workouts. If preferred, we can also do a scrunchie!  

7. Custom Cuddle Blanket 

dog blanket custom drawing puppy

A blanket is always a welcome gift, especially when it’s printed with an image they love! Gift your loved one a custom printed throw blanket so they can snuggle up with their favorite dog, whether they actually have a pup to cuddle up with or not. At 50x60”, there’s plenty of room for the family, human and furry! 

7 Best Custom Accessory Gifts for Cat Lovers

1. Cat Mouse Pad 

cat mouse pad custom art artwork

Cats are ideal pets for those with busy lives, as they happily look after themselves during the day and cuddle up with you when you get home, but of course that doesn’t mean you don’t miss them while you’re out! For those working at a computer most of the day, a custom printed mouse pad with an image of their kitty will be a welcome addition to the office. 

2. Printed Kitty Clothing 

cat custom crop top tshirt

If someone in your life is cat-obsessed, they probably already have plenty of accessories covered in feline designs. But do they own something that features their cat? Treat your loved one to a custom t-shirt or sweater with their cat on the front. They’ll never forget a gift like that!

3. Kitty Stickers 

kitty cat sticker custom art

People who love stickers LOVE STICKERS! Any sticker lover will have them all over their planner and stationary and of course kids and teens make sure every surface is covered in them. Be your loved one’s new favorite person by gifting them stickers with their cat on them. We can also do custom printed notebooks if you want to gift a stationary set! 

4. Colorful Cat Pillowcase

A stunning cat pillowcase is ideal for the cat lover in your life. You could order one of these generic cat pillowcases, or have a custom one made from your custom portrait. These pillowcases can add a welcome splash of color to any sofa or bed. 

5. Cat Apron 

apron cat kitty custom gift

This isn’t an apron for a cat (though that would be adorable!), we’re talking a custom printed apron for your loved one, covered in an image of their cat. With practical pockets, this apron is ideal for use in the kitchen (of course!) but also for crafters and painters. 

6. The Cat’s Pajamas!

sweatpants cat custom art

What better gift for the person who loves cats than to stay comfy at home with printed cat sweatpants? Loungewear has become a staple in our closets in recent years and with custom printed sweatpants, your loved one can display their love of cats everywhere they go – or even just in bed!  

7. A Funky Cat Tote Bag

For many people, the love of all things cat-related doesn’t stop at home. Many of us love cats so much that we want our kitty merchandise to follow us wherever we go! You can order this super-cute readymade cat tote bag that comes with three options for handle colors and can hold up to 20kg of your most important bits and bobs - perfect for any trip out. You can also turn your custom portrait into a personalized on-the-go accessory that’s sure to turn heads.

Find the Perfect Gift at JoyousJoyfulJoyness

At JoyousJoyfulJoyness, we know how important your pets are to you, and we understand why you want to plaster their faces all over your sofa, bed, clothing, and walls (because we do it too)! Whether you’re buying for a loved one or want to celebrate that special pet in your life, gifting custom portraits of their pets are amazing ways to do so. We’ll work with you every step of the way, making sure your picture reference captures your pet’s unique personality. Once the custom portraits are done, JoyousJoyfulJoyness has a myriad of ways to turn the drawings into all sorts of accessories to make for perfect gifts for your friends and family. Find out more here!

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