Top 9 Gifts For Dog Lovers

Top 9 Gifts For Dog Lovers


corgi custom pet portrait dog art artwork

Finding the perfect gift for a dog lover can be tricky. After all, what do you give someone who loves dogs as much as they love their own family? But with a little bit of thought and creativity, it's definitely possible to find the perfect present for even the most discerning dog lover on your list! From practical gifts to gifts that give back, find something your dog-loving friend will truly enjoy! Here are eight great ideas to get you started. 

custom pet portrait dog art artwork drawing handmade

1. Stylish Custom Pet Portrait

Many dog owners are so proud of their dogs that they have taken countless photos over the years. While images are great, nothing beats a one-of-a-kind custom pet portrait to show off their pup to the world. The best part? All you need is a photograph to create a custom pet portrait.

At JoyousJoyfulJoyness, we're passionate about creating custom pet portraits that capture each dog's personality and true essence. From choosing the pose to finding the perfect expression representing your beloved pet, we'll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you're 100 percent satisfied with your portrait. 

comfy dog bed anxiety soft fuzzy

2. Calming Dog Bed

One of the top-rated dog gifts of this year is the donut cuddler dog bed. This bed is shaped like a donut, making it super cozy for your pup to curl up inside. The soft plush fabric is covered with a soft polyfill that's machine washable, too!

A calming dog bed is an excellent gift for any dog owner, especially if they have an anxious pup on their hands. Dogs naturally settle down and relax in dark places that provide them with safety and comfort, so investing in a calming bed can do just that!  

boston terrier mug cute drawing art portrait

3. Boston terrier White Glossy Mug

Choosing the perfect gift for your dog-loving friend is easy when you select this adorable Boston Terrier White Glossy Mug. This gorgeous mug features two different sizes, including 11oz and 15oz, allowing you to choose the right size according to how much they like to drink! In addition, it's dishwasher and microwave safe, so there's no need to worry about your friend struggling with the upkeep of their new favorite mug!

paw print ring dog cute gift idea lover

4. Paw Print Ring

If you're looking for a gift that's more for the owner of the dog instead of the dog, you might want to consider purchasing a paw print ring. A delicate gold, sterling silver, or rose gold band is decorated with tiny paw prints, creating a beautiful and meaningful gift for any pet lover in your life. This is a truly unique and subtle way to show your pet love and a wonderful gift for any dog lover. Just make sure you know your friend's ring size before ordering! 

doge crypto cryptocurrency funny gift shiba inu dog meme

5. Doge Sticker

Everyone should have some cryptocurrency in their life, even if it's just to show off your love of dogecoin! This Doge sticker is designed especially for pup lovers who also believe in Doge. These stickers are printed on durable vinyl and cut precisely according to each design so that every piece of the invention is captured beautifully.

If you're looking for a quick, fun way to show the dog lover in your life that you care, consider purchasing a dogecoin sticker today! They're the perfect stocking stuffer, Christmas gift, or year-round treat for any dog lover you know.

gift card custom pet portrait dog art artwork lover pets

6. JoyousJoyfulJoyness Gift Card

What better way for a pet owner to show off their pet than with a Gift Card? You can preload this gift card with denominations from $10 to $1,000, allowing your favorite dog lover to get exactly what they want, whether that's a custom dog print or one of the pre-printed accessories available on the site. 

dog pet talking train training buttons speak learn soundboard communication

7. Talking Pet Starter Kit

If you've browsed social media lately, you've probably noticed videos of the buttons that dogs are using in order to communicate with their owners. You can now surprise any dog owner in your life with a starter set of dog buttons for communications, featuring common words including "out," "play," "food," and "water." 

The best part is that if the buttons work out well for your friend, dog owners can purchase even more buttons to increase their pet's vocabulary. These smart devices can help dog owners and their dogs bond even more and allow for a stronger relationship. 

shih tzu dog custom print foil handmade drawing pet portrait

8. Printed Shih Tzu Portrait 

A fun gift for any pet lover is a pre-made Shih Tzu Dog Portrait Foiled Print. This Shih Tzu portrait is perfect for dog lovers who love Shih Tzus but want a unique way to show off their love. It only takes a few minutes to order this portrait, allowing you to send it as an early birthday present or as a "just because" present. In addition, you'll be able to customize the cardstock color, along with the foil color of the print to match your loved one's style.

portable dog water bottle convenient pet lightweight leakproof easy drink

9. Portable Dog Water Bottle

Portable dog water bottles are an excellent gift for anyone on the go, especially dog owners. Whether your friend loves to take their dogs on walks around the neighborhood or constantly plans new adventures, this is an essential item to have. These easy-to-fill and carry bottles provide an ample supply of fresh, clean water for any pet. They're the perfect size for your friend to take along in a car or throw in a bag when headed out with their best furry friend! 


When you're searching for the perfect gift, consider giving a pet-themed present this year! Whether you choose a custom dog portrait, cozy bed, or even a paw print ring, you're sure to find a wonderful present that any dog owner would love!

If you're ready to create a customized pet portrait for your furry friend, contact us today!

At JoyousJoyfulJoyness Pet Portraits, we pride ourselves on the highest quality of work and customer service. We offer a wide range of pet portrait art options for you to choose from, including the photo of your dog and the color of foil you prefer! Let us help capture your furry friend's personality in a fantastic portrait that will become the talk of any home.

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