Top 8 Gifts For Cat Lovers

Top 8 Gifts For Cat Lovers

custom pet portraits cat cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade

Cats are one of the most popular pets there are today. There are more than 370 million pet cats globally and over half of all households in America house at least one. It's likely you have a friend who's a cat lover, so why not make their day a little more special by surprising them with one of these sweet gifts?

There are many unique gifts out there for cat lovers, from adorable plush toys to stylish accessories. So if you're looking for the best presents for cat lovers in 2022, check out our top picks below!

custom pet portraits cat cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade persian

1. Stylish Custom Pet Portrait

One of the most popular gifts that makes a true impact in any cat lover's life is a customized pet portrait. This is the perfect way to represent your cat-owning friend's furry best friend. Although there are many ways you can go about finding a portrait, one of our favorite ideas is to commission an artist who specializes in pet portraits, like JoyousJoyfulJoyness. This will allow for creativity and customization to make your feline friend look like they stepped out of an art gallery.

At our studio, all custom pet portraits are created with love. Each miniature work of art is unique and filled with so much character. We will take your friend's fur baby and create a fantastic portrait that captures their best features, including the texture of their fur and the cute markings on their nose. 

custom pet portraits cat cute gift card idea drawing art artwork handmade

2. JoyousJoyfulJoyness Gift Card

If you have no idea what to get your friend or family member, consider getting them a JoyousJoyfulJoyness Gift Card. This way, they can choose exactly what they want for their furry best friend! Our gift cards are available in any denomination of your choice. They're perfect if you prefer to let your loved one have creative freedom with their portrait, or you simply don't know what picture they would prefer to feature of their cat in their home.

cat tote colorful drawing bag custom pet portraits cat cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade

3. Colorful Cat Tote Bag

Another great gift idea for the cat lover in your life is a Colorful Cat Tote Bag. This splash of color will brighten up any outfit, not to mention carry supplies for a day of shopping or errands.

Any cat lover is sure to love this colorful and eye-catching bag that will fit all their essentials. It's the perfect size for carrying around your everyday necessities without being too bulky or cumbersome. You'll even be able to choose the bag color, whether that includes black, yellow, or red!

furemover cat dog pet fur remove clean brush

4. Pet Hair Remover Broom

For cat owners, there's no more significant annoyance than pet hair. From the couch to your clothes and everything in between, it seems like everywhere you go, there's a trail of fur following you. 

To help make cleanup a little easier, consider giving your friend a pet-hair remover broom. While this may not be the most beautiful gift, it certainly does its job! This is the perfect gift for any friend who spends a lot of time cleaning up after their feline friends and needs a faster way to rid their home of fur. 

cat pillow cute drawing art colorful pillowcase gift idea cat lover

5. Premium Cat Pillowcase

Another great option if you want to give your friend is a premium cat pillowcase. This product is a perfect way to add a little extra comfort to their sleep. With this pillowcase, your friend will wake up every morning with the sweet face of Lucy, the featured cat on this pillowcase, staring right back at them. It's important to note that this only includes the pillowcase, not the actual pillow. 

cat cactus scratching post cute gift idea pet fun

6. Scratchable Post

Scratching is a big part of owning a cat. Unfortunately, it's also the number one reason we end up with scratches on our belongings or our own bodies! Even the sweetest kittens will often scratch humans to help file down their nails. This can be really painful and annoying, but there's an easy fix: a scratching post. As cat owners know, cats love scratching posts. All it takes is a little scratching, and they're hooked! A scratchable post is a perfect present for any cat lover who suffers from their claws destroying furniture. We personally love this cactus-shaped scratching post that can blend seamlessly into anyone's regular home decor.

custom pet portraits cat cute gift idea drawing art artwork handmade tabby

7. Tabby Cat Foiled Print

If you're looking for an easy way to show your friend how much you care, consider gifting them a cat-themed print. These prints make for great additions to any room and are one of the best ways to show off their love for cats! This gorgeous tabby cat foiled print is available in multiple different foil colors, which can help match your friend's personal style and taste.

comfy cat carrier cute gift idea pet lover convenient portable

8. Comfy Cat Carrier

One of the most practical gifts you can give to someone who has a cat is a comfy cat carrier. If you've ever tried to take your fur baby out in a standard carrier, you know that it can be painful and not so fun. When done right, though, there's nothing better than getting to spend time with your cat away from home. A comfy carrier is perfect for this occasion and will make any cat owner happy.


If you or your loved one is a cat lover, you know how difficult it can be to shop for them! If you have a friend who is utterly obsessed with their kitty, there's no better way to express your love than to give them an amazing present related to their cat. Luckily, we've found the best gifts that will make any cat lover happy in our list above.

At JoyousJoyfulJoyness, we're proud to offer customized pet portraits and pet gifts for animal lovers and their pets. Contact us today to get started on your custom portrait! We take pride in our work and know that you'll be happy with the final product. Our studio is the perfect place for anyone looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art for their home. We can't wait to hear from you!

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