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Hand Painted Cat Portraits

Hand Painted Cat Portraits

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We Hand Paint Portraits From Your Cat's Photo

If you're looking for a stunning, original portrait of your beloved cat, consider hand painted cat portraits. These paintings are created by artists who are passionate about animals. The finished painting will be as unique as your cat, so you can be sure it'll be a perfect fit for your home.

hand painted custom pet portrait cat artwork personalized art

Hand painted cat portraits can be difficult to find, so you should look for one that is a perfect match. Most artists use photographs of cats as reference, but a good hand painting can capture the true essence of your pet's personality. Then, you can give the portrait as a gift to a cat lover. You'll be able to give it as a thoughtful gift or as a unique way to celebrate your love of feline companions.

Order Custom Painted Cat Portraits

You can order a custom painted cat portrait from JoyousJoyfulJoyness. The paintings are beautiful, and you'll never find another piece like it anywhere else. Unlike other hand-painted pet portraits, you'll receive a unique piece of art that is completely exclusive just for you. Unlike other paintings, the paintings are also made to order, so you can have your painting shipped anywhere you'd like. You can even order a painting for a Christmas gift that will be sure to please the recipient.

hand painted custom pet portrait cat artwork personalized art

Send In Your Favorite Cat Photo

In addition to hand-painted cat portraits, you can also order one for yourself. The process of ordering a portrait on the site is easy and fast. Just send your favorite cat photo and select the color you want the your cat painted in. Once you've made your decision, the next step is to order your painting. If you're not happy with your final product, you can always return it for a refund.


Custom people portraits hand drawn from a photo in Procreate, and then printed on white cardstock. I will apply foil to the image in the color of your choice. One foil color per print. The prints are shipped unframed.


Please preorder your portrait(s). The approximate wait time is up to 4 weeks before I reach your order. If you need the portrait(s) sooner, please let me know and we can work on a rush order for an extra fee.

When I reach your order, I'll message you directly to get the process started. I will need a a few close up photos of the face, and we'll work together to pick a suitable one. 

[You will also need to sign a model release for each subject.]

Turnaround Time

My turnaround time after I reach your order is up to a 2 weeks. If you need the portrait(s) sooner, please let me know and we can work on a rush order for an extra fee.

Each portrait takes several hours to draw, and it will be approved by you before we decide on foil and cardstock colors. I can run different color combinations, if you like.

Larger sizes (11x17 in and 12x18 in) will take an additional 5-7 business days to fulfill.

Number of Subjects

For 8.5x11 inch prints, only one (1) subject per portrait as two or more would result in a huge loss in detail to fit both into the print, given it's smaller size.

For 11x14 inch prints, up to two (2) subjects per print.

For 12x16 inch prints, up to three (3) or four (4) subjects per print.

Each subject is based off of one photo, and will not be a hybrid of different photos (i.e. combing the eyes from one and the nose from another).

For multiple subjects, it may be possible to work off of one photo with the subjects together, depending on the quality of the image and poses.   

What Is Included

This preorder is for the unframed print only, no mat or frame included.


1. Link to a timelapse video of the drawing

2. Link to a foil reveal video

3. NFT of the portrait (details)


Custom portraits are printed on white cardstock only with one foil color.

    Please refer to my color guide to review the foil colors available.

    Shipping and Packaging

    Once completed, the print will be shipped to you via a rigid mailer inside a sealed plastic envelope with a cardboard backing to make the envelope very hard to bend.

    10% Discount for Additional Portraits

    If you purchase 2 or more preorders, the additional portraits are 10% off. Discount is automatically taken off at checkout.

    Digital Only

    Please contact me if you'd like a digital only drawing (no foil print). 

    Cancellation Policy

    If you change your mind, you may cancel your preorder at any time up until I reach your preorder.

    I will refund 96% of your order cost, due to 4% in nonrefundable transaction fees.

    Disclaimers and Agreement

    Due to the handmade nature of these portraits, there will be some imperfections.

    Artwork copyrights are retained by the Artist (me) and I retain the rights to reproduce the art in the future as well as use the final product for promotion.

    By purchasing this preorder, you agree to above terms.

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